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Public opinion ignored as government proposes measures that make managing private parking unworkable

The government’s response to a recent public consultation has caused serious concerns that the drastic reduction in the deterrent effect of parking charges on private land will force legitimate parking operators out, allowing the ‘cowboys’ to once again ride into town.

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Government consultation response heralds the end of free parking for everyone

The two trade associations representing UK parking operators have expressed serious concern following publication of the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government’s response (20 March 2021) to the recent consultation to the enforcement framework for the forthcoming new Parking Code.  The British Parking Association (BPA) and the International Parking Community (IPC) say the response in its current form is not sustainable and will have a negative impact on the economic recovery, lead to higher parking charges for all responsible motorists and encourage a return of rogue operators who will act outside of the Code of Practice.