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Government consultations

We respond to all government consultations that impact our members. Government consultations are an important opportunity to have your say on policy development in the parking and traffic management sector.  As the breadth of our membership continues to grow so does the breadth of the consultations we respond to. 

Nuisance vehicles

Nuisance vehicles

Nuisance vehicles include those that have either three or more unpaid penalty charge notices (PCNs), no road tax, no valid MOT, or no insurance.


Enabling camera technology

The Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) gives powers to reduce traffic congestion in towns and cities. It includes the traffic signs to which moving traffic enforcement will apply. And includes the sign prohibiting goods vehicles for environmental reasons; such as narrow roads unsuitable for large vehicles, or to protect residents from the nuisance caused by lorries in residential streets. 

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Cleaner air

Our members are committed to improving air quality, reducing congestion and dwell time to find parking spaces to support the government’s clean air strategy

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Pavement parking

We lobby government to create a common standard to prevent drivers from parking on pavements 

Hospital free parking

Hospital Parking

Many people who attend healthcare facilities, either as patients or visitors, expect car parking to be free.

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Civil Enforcement Officer abuse

Individuals who abuse front line parking staff do not face the same penalties

Selfish Parker Campaign

Don't be a selfish parker

Our research revealed that anti-social and inconsiderate parking are the biggest frustrations people experience

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We support DMUK's Baywatch campaign

Disabled Motoring UK's Baywatch campaign monitors the level of disabled parking bay abuse at supermarkets

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We support the dogs die in hot cars campaign

The RSPCA receives thousands of calls each year of dogs being left alone in cars on warm days.  And with many more households owning dogs for the first time this year, its more important than ever to remind owners to never leave their dogs in the car.