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Monday Musing – Thoughts of the Council(s)

Public Affairs and Communications Officer Glenn Dives reviews some recent research commissioned by the BPA about local authorities parking penalty charges. 

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Monday Musing: Feeling the squeeze – why bad parking should pay the right price

Public Affairs & Media Officer, Jo Audley examines the effect prices have on behaviour and whether there is sufficient encouragement to make travel choices for our health and the environment

CO2 fumes

Monday Musings: The race to decarbonise transport is on and the parking sector is playing a key role

This week, Public Affairs and Communications Officer, Sarah Greenslade looks at the process of decarbonisation in UK transport and the parking sector's role in the transition.  


Monday Musing: Why the parking sector is ideally placed to support the path to Net Zero

Corporate and Public Affairs Officer Glenn Dives has a look at some of the developments in the path to Net Zero. 

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Monday Musing: Beyond Expectations

Public Affairs and Media Officer Joanna Audley celebrates the success of a new scheme that recognises best-in-class car parks meeting the very highest of standards.

Parkex Traffex DIGITAL Master RGB

Monday Musing: Parkex 2021: Virtually, the greatest parking show on earth

Corporate and Public Affairs Officer Glenn Dives looks ahead to the first-ever digital Parkex.

Alliance for parking data standards smal

Monday Musing: Global parking data standard invites feedback on latest release

Technology, Innovation & Research Officer Joey Mclaughlan outlines some of the latest developments with the Alliance for Parking Data Standards.


Monday Musing: Model behaviour the best Contract for managing parking services

BPA Head of Public Affairs and Communications  Dave Smith provides an overview of the BPA's Model Contract system. 


Monday Musing: A shot in the arm!

BPA Director of Corporate and Public Affairs Kelvin Reynolds  takes a look at some of the work the parking sector is doing before looking ahead to diagnose some of the issues on the horizon. 


Monday Musings- BPA Communities time to get involved

Glenn Dives BPA Corporate and Public Affairs Officer talks about some of the fascinating conversations taking place on the BPA's Communities platform and how you can get involved. 


Monday Musing: Park Active - the next destination for parking?

BPA Programme Manager Julia Jepps talks about the importance of a new BPA initiative, Park Active, a joint project with the Department for Transport and local authorities which aims to put parking at the centre of our future transport network.


Monday Musing: Are e-scooters the future of mobility?

The latest edition of our Monday Musing Blog looks at the emerging issue of e-scooters and their place on the UK's road network.