Street scene at night

Time off travellers

The road trip of the future could be a break from the grinding reality of today’s car journeys. A speculative journey by David Peach


Why a countryside holiday is great for eco-conscious families

Learn how choosing the right destination for your holiday can ensure you enjoy a well-earned break.


Three things to consider when planning your summer family holiday

Thinking of a staycation this year? Top tips on what you can do to ensure you prepare well


Winter Driving Safety Awareness

Content Producer and Researcher Leo Clarke provides some advice for driving during colder weather

woman on phone at night

Ask Angela campaign to aid and assist vulnerable members of the public

Jade Neville explains how Conduent’s on-street parking officers are working with the police to help keep women safe.

car emissions

Four reasons why you should turn off your engine when parked

Content Producer and Researcher Leo Clarke looks at the environmental impact of engine idling


How can cities create parking for both cars and bikes?

Content Producer and Researcher Leo Clarke considers some of the ways we can make our spaces better places for everyone.  

Autonomous vehicle & driver

What could the future of driving look like?

Content Producer and Researcher Leo Clarke explores some of the ways that driving may change in the coming years, from self-driving cars to electric vehicles, and how these changes may impact car owners. 

Charging modern electric cars from station outdoors

How to solve hogging and ICEing issues at EV charging stations in the UK

Melani Grubic Mikulic, Content Marketing Manager, Parklio, explores some of the issues associated with an increase in demand for EV charging and how to tackle potential parking issues at charge points.


What habits are young drivers often guilty of adopting?

Learning to drive is one thing but once you pass your test bad habits can inevitably creep in.  Content Producer and Researcher Leo Clarke provides some handy reminders of what to look out for.

People diversity

Monday Musing: What do we know about parking?

The world would probably cease without data, but capturing it is far from easy, especially when it comes to personal topics like equality, diversity and inclusion, as Jo Audley finds out

Airport parking 2

Monday Musing: As flights take off, it’s the parking that's causing concern

As airports resume business-as-usual, the horrors of Meet & Greet parking have returned.  Why can it go so wrong?  Jo Audley finds out and offers some top tips for holidaymakers